Who? What? Why?

Me, my wife and our life around the matter of having a baby. Why because its not yet a crime to write about it.

My name is Mingus; well thats what my wife Chingus calls me. Am going to be a dad in some months. And to admit it blatantly, i’ve no clue whats in store in near future. I’ve heard all sorts of filmy cues, myths, facts & rubbish from various media sources. But have no clue what to believe and what not. Which of them is worthy fact & which are useless worries excreted by worried compulsive content creators. So this is my story of dealing with pregnancy. The stuff that happens before pregnancy. And the world that arrives post pregnancy. Am a male. Damn it! No monthly cycles, no uncomfortable stomach aches, no weird mood swings, no ‘oh Lord save me’ 9 month gestation period, no ‘oh hell i’ll die’ labor pain, no menopause, NOTHING AT ALL! Good God! Why such unfair distribution dear Nature? Why is that men have to worry only about pumping out this bag full of sperms? At least some of the weirdness had to be borne by us too damn it!! Not that i would love the mess. Not that i dont have things to be irritated about. But its plain empathy for the fellow fair sex. Its just unjust bifurcation of lifelong physical troubles to one gender!

So this blog is me, on my journey of sharing the left over woes. Every woe available to mankind minus whatever the women in my life suffer and my wife goes through (on everyday basis). This is about me trying to figure out how to make her life easier; and thus mine too. This is about decoding pregnancy & life around it from a Male’s standpoint. With every blog & help available on this topic run by a world of capable, deserving Females; this is an attempt to share what i know (nothing) about, learning about it. Hope to be of some use to other hapless fellows of sterner sex.

I would thus start with a humble introduction to the lead characters of this journey. Meet Chingus. The love of my life. My source of joy. The reason am worth anything. My motivation behind a meaningful existence. Everything! She is a tiny birdie. And in Madhyapradesh  state, things that are very tiny & cute are often called as ‘chingus’ in local slang.


She cuddles into her man more that she shops at a mall! Can you believe that?! She’s blind in love with her man. The thought of being away from him even for a day makes her frown like a kid leaving for boarding school.

She loves :

  • travel
  • spend holidays lying around doing nothing
  • to booze
  • to lie strangled in his arms all day all night
  • to cook for him
  • to be pampered
  • to drive cars
  • to watch youtube
  • reading interesting stories (true & fictional alike)
  • shopping! Tadaaaa!! That should end the world.

Then there’s me. Mingus. Her man. She calls me ‘the best husband in world’. Am not sure what else to add after that. 😀 All he thinks of is ‘how to spend more time around her’ and ‘how to get his business into a stable profitable state’. Mingus is the resonating (to Chingus) name my wife gave (with M coming from monkey!) :p


He loves:

  • to pamper his lady
  • non veg & booze
  • his pack of wolves – his best buddies & partners in crime
  • living on his terms wild & free, even if that leads to tough tricky phases
  • reading (anything non-fictional)
  • driving
  • flying (dreaming or in real)
  • ART. Tadaaa! That should end my world 😉


And we are expecting! Yayy!! 🙂


The drawings all are my wife’s work. This blog is probably a great excuse for her to take up doodle & drawing no? She has been good at it all her childhood. But like every grown up, such creative juices dried up in the demanding college & job years.

In next post, i’ll start with our beginning years of togetherness & why we were against having a baby for very long.